[Tutor] How to enable pausing my timer.py ?

Dick Moores rdm at rcblue.com
Wed Jul 7 10:59:45 CEST 2004

I just realized that my stopwatch was really a timer: you set it to beep 
after a length of time you enter; it stops and beeps when that time is up.

I'm taking the liberty of correcting the script name and reposting. I've 
also changed the length of the beep to 500 milliseconds (from 5).

See script below.

I would like to enable pausing and then resuming timer.py. For example, 
say I've set it to beep after 30 minutes. I start it, but then 
discontinue the activity I'm timing. I want to pause the stopwatch by 
pressing a key and then resume later by pressing (another?) key, just as 
I could do with a real stopwatch. Is this possible?

And I'd also really appreciate a close critique of the code I have so far.

# timer.py
import time, winsound

def hms(seconds):
     """Convert seconds to tuplet (hours, minutes, seconds)"""
     import time
     hours, minutes = 0, 0

     if seconds >= 60 and seconds < 3600:
         minutes = divmod(seconds,60)[0]
         seconds = divmod(seconds,60)[1]
     elif seconds >= 3600:
         hours = divmod(seconds,3600)[0]
         seconds = divmod(seconds,3600)[1]
         minutes = divmod(seconds,60)[0]
         seconds = divmod(seconds,60)[1]

     return hours, minutes, seconds # returns a tuple, e.g. (1, 40, 8.5)

hours = raw_input("Enter the number of hours to time ")
if hours == "":
     h_seconds = 0
     h_seconds = 3600 * int(hours)

minutes = raw_input("And the number of minutes ")
if minutes == "":
     m_seconds = 0
     m_seconds = 60 * int(minutes)

seconds = raw_input("And the number of seconds ")
t0 = time.time()
if seconds == "":
     seconds = 0
seconds = h_seconds + m_seconds + int(seconds)
print "Seconds total is", seconds

t = hms(seconds)
print "Beep will sound after %d hours %d minutes %d seconds\n"  \
       % (t[0], t[1], t[2])

r = 10 # get report of time-passed and time-left every r seconds
k = r
while True:
     t1 = time.time()
     seconds_passed = t1 - t0
     seconds_left = seconds - int(seconds_passed)

     if seconds_passed >= seconds:

     if seconds_passed > k:
         p = hms(seconds_passed)
         l = hms(seconds_left)
         print "%d hours %d minutes %d seconds have passed" \
               % (p[0], p[1], p[2])
         print "%d hours %d minutes %d seconds are left\n" \
               % (l[0], l[1], l[2])
         k += r

print "seconds elapsed:", (t1 - t0) # as a check on accuracy
print "TIME'S UP!"

# winsound.Beep(frequency, duration in milliseconds) - only for Windows

Thanks, tutors,

Dick Moores

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