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Kooser, Ara S askoose at sandia.gov
Wed Jul 7 21:23:34 CEST 2004


   I am writing a filter program that reads a column of data, converts it
and then writes it to another file. I was wondering how do you convert a
column of data (for example multiply the column by a number or replace the
letter A with a number) and how does one maintain a column format in the new
output file? Also any suggested readings either on-line or books on text
file handling in Python would be appreciated. I have read through some of
the tutorials on python.org and read the python grimore. Thanks.


Here is a part of the code for pulling out a column of data and then writing
it to new file.

inp = open("out.txt","r")
outp = open("out2.txt","w")

for line in inp.readlines():
    words = line.split()      #thanks to orbitz for this line
    if len(words) >= 1: 

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