[Tutor] Re: removing line ends from Word text files

Lee Harr missive at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 16 23:40:18 CEST 2004

>Right now I have the problem that I want to remove the MS Word line end
>token from text files: When saving a text file as 'text only' line ends
>are displayed as '^M' in a shell (SGI IRIX (tcsh) and Mac (tcsh or
>bash)). I want to get rid of these elements for further processing of
>the file and have no idea how to access them in a Python script. Any
>idea how to replace the '^M' against a simple '\n'? (I already tried
>'\r\n' and various other combinations of characters, but apparently all
>aren't '^M'.) '^M' is one character.
>As supplementary information: I'm using MacOSX (version 10.3.4) with
>Python 2.3 or SGI Irix with Python 2.1.1 .

See if your systems have a script called dos2unix. That is the one
that I always use when I get one of those dossy files.

If you cannot find that, try searching through the lines for characters
around ord(10) ord(11) ord(12) ord(13) as I am pretty sure that ^M
is somewhere in there...

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