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Magnus Lyckå magnus at thinkware.se
Sun Jul 18 11:21:14 CEST 2004

At 22:43 2004-07-17 -0400, Brian van den Broek wrote:
>Any recommendations for projects which provide good models? (I get that it 
>would be best to read code in an application area that interests me, but I 
>also think my request to be harder to accommodate if I pile on conditions ;-)

The obvious candidate for Python code should be Python
itself. Most of the library modules are written in Python,
and they have been looked at by core Python developers.

No need for any separate downloads there...

Maybe you should look at file like Tools/Scripts/reindent.py
or Lib/idlelib/* etc.

Don't expect any code to be read as gospel though. The problem
with the standard Python library is that a lot of the code is
rather old, and doesn't take advantage of the more recent
features in Python.

With any Python library, you are likely to see idioms used that
might meet some controversy among developers. For instance, if
I recall correctly, it's common in Twisted that methods return
'self', so that you can replace code such as:




I'm not at all sure this is good coding practice.

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