[Tutor] Executing dos .bat file with Python script

Bernard Lebel python at bernardlebel.com
Sat Jul 24 22:54:38 CEST 2004

(sorry Alan if you have received this privately, I'm not used to the need to
use reply-all to send back to the list)

Thanks Alan.

However.... it doesn't seem to work as expected?
My bat file starts a dos command prompt within the Softimage|XSI
environment. But when executing the command, well, a command prompt pops but
closes immediately!

Python code:
oFile = file( 'C:\\Python23\\Lib\\experimentation\\xsi.bat', 'r' )
os.system( str( oFile.read() ) )

Bat file (xsi.bat) code (this code is the actual code used to launch the XSI
command prompt):
@echo off
title "SI Command Prompt"
cmd /K call C:\Softimage\XSI_3.5.1\Application\bin\setenv.bat
echo on

I suspect that the problem is with the fact that my bat file is calling
another bat file, but usually if I double-click on a bat file containing
that code it works....


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> > Let say I have a python script that write a .bat file, with the
> commands and
> > arguments. Now how can I use that same python script to actually
> execute the
> > .bat file in the Windows environment? Any direction would be
> appreciated.
> Use os.system()
> or os.popen() if you want to read the output...
> Alan G.

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