[Tutor] source code processing

Dmitriy D. vk33 at mail.ru
Tue Jul 27 09:01:38 CEST 2004

> By source code processing, do you mean things like parsing source code
> into abstract syntax trees?  

Well, not exactly. I do not analyze the source code itself. My task looks much simpler - just to retrieve classes and methods signatures along with the comments provided in a specific form and make an html API-reference. For example:

   This is my awards-winning function doing nothing but returning 'hello world' string repeated many times
   @param Num The number of times the string should be repeated
   @return 'Hello world' string repeated specified number of times
function GetHelloWorld(Num: integer): string;

Having found this in the source code I want to format the comments into something readable in HTML-form. 

Thanks for all of your replies. I need some time to look through the links you've kindly provided. 

Have a nice day!

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