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Chad Crabtree flaxeater at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 30 04:02:40 CEST 2004

Bill Campbell wrote:

>I'm just getting my feet wet with python after programming primarily
>perl since perl-3.something.  I've read the Harms and McDonald ``The
>Python Book'', and O'Reilly's ``Learning Python'', but haven't been
able to
>find python equivalents to these perl tests (lots of others in
os.path, but
>not these :-).
>	if ( -x path ) # is is executable
>	if ( -r path ) # is it readable
>	if ( -w path ) # is it writeable
>I would love to find documentation, something like ``python for the
>hacker'' that would help in the transition.
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Well I found something interesting at the New Mexico Tech Site

has an easy object interface to your questions.  Perhaps the source
deliver a more meaningful answer because they say it's just sugar 
coating on the regular os module.

Have a good day

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