[Tutor] Re: How to connect a MUD client? (fwd)

Nick Lunt nick at javacat.f2s.com
Sat Jul 31 00:24:14 CEST 2004

>> >>> tn = telnetlib.Telnet('mudlib.anarres.org', 5000)
>> >>> tn.read_very_eager()

>Sorry, I am not able to understand "tn.read_very_eager()", could you please
>explain it?

Hi there,

just to let you know (in case you dont :] ) the python command line has a
useful help() function.
Try this

  import telnetlib

This works for most python modules, eg

  import socket

On another note, if your interested in doing some network programs with
python, twisted as mentioned in
a previous post is exceptionally good for it.
Im a learner pythonist like yourself, and i started off writing a couple of
network programs using the socket module,
then I came across twisted, and it really is a good framework for network
I managed to create a simple chatserver using twisted quite easily. I
strongly recommend you to visit
http://docs.python.org/tut/tut.html and then www.twistedmatrix.com .

Good luck

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