[Tutor] Problems with references

Martin Hjort Eriksen martin at hardcoder.dk
Wed Jun 2 03:41:59 EDT 2004

Thank you  very much for your answer.

>If the dictionary is defined as a class attribute it will be
>shared across instances. That is what class attributes are for.
That depends in what language you are working.

>Off topic, but looking at this code I can't help thinking it
>doesn't look very object like... Couldn't the connectionObjects
>themselves figure out what to do? Rather than have a 'if type==XXX'
>statement? Such statements are very rarely needed in OO designs
>and are a common maintenance headache in the future. On of the
>big bendefits of OO is to avoid those types of if statements.
>But without more understanding of what the various objects do
>I can't be sure, so maybe you do need to do it that way.
You are totally right, and normally I would not work in this way. The 
problem is that this is the first time I work with Python, and I am 
still learning all the little quirks of the language. Later versions of 
this program will be better designed.


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