[Tutor] Comparing two lines of print

Bob Heasman bobhe at telkomsa.net
Wed Jun 2 09:00:05 EDT 2004

Alan Gauld wrote:
>>When I attempt to run this script I get a syntax error:-
>>[root at penguin bob]# ./readfile.py
>>   File "./readfile.py", line 14
>>     if text_file.readline() == [PORT 6 (PTCPACTOR) - 19 - UA6ADV-0]
>>                                      ^
>>SyntaxError: invalid syntax
> You are comparing a string (from raw_input()) with a list.
> I assume you need quotes around the [PORT....-0] stuff?
> Alan G
Hello Alan,

Yes I now see what is happening. When I had the quotes in it appeared
to be ignoring two lines of code. Now I see that it IS comparing them 
and, due to the quotes, it says they are not the same. Sorry, I am so 
new to this game I cannot see the wood for the trees.

Phew, back to the drawing board.



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