[Tutor] How create a grade book

Cantkirby at aol.com Cantkirby at aol.com
Fri Jun 4 11:38:33 EDT 2004

Hi My name is cliff,

I have just began to use python from the intactive screen.  I wrote a small 
program that ran fine. Now I want to write a program that accept use input and 
perform calculations.  Specifically, I want to write a grade book that 
conisist of student name, grade, subjects, average, date, and objective.  However, I 
don't know how to connect pyton to visual basic by COM.  I tried to set a com 
server and I have had no luck.  Is it because i'm using the XP operating 
system.   Also, If you have any example code for setting-up a database file or 
which do you recommend using with python.  I have many more questions but I think 
this is a load.  Please, Please  respond because I really want to learn this 
language. Thanks Cliff
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