[Tutor] How create a grade book

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Jun 4 14:39:32 EDT 2004

> I have just began to use python from the intactive screen.  I wrote
a small
> program that ran fine.

Great start.

> Now I want to write a program that accept use input and
> perform calculations.  Specifically, I want to write a grade book
> conisist of student name, grade, subjects, average, date, and

Thats OK, no problem doing that in Python.
If you go to my tutorial (or any of the others for that mnatter!)
you will find the following topics useful:

Simple Sequences    - performing calculations
Talking to the User - getting input
The Raw Materials  - how to store your data within the program
Handling Files     - how to save your data to disk between executions

> don't know how to connect pyton to visual basic by COM.

Why do you think you need to do that? You can get Python to talk to
COM directly via the winall extensions (standard from Activestate's
version of Python or a separate download from official Python).
But I don't think you even need to go near COM here unless your
data already exists in a COM enabled application?

> Is it because i'm using the XP operating system.

No, Python and XP play together just fine.

Try my tutorial pages as outlined above, there is a simple address
book application started in "Raw Materials" and finished in
"Handling Files" that might seem similar to what you want.


Alan G
Author of the Learn to Program web tutor

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