[Tutor] UCS4

Ertl, John John.Ertl at fnmoc.navy.mil
Thu Jun 10 14:00:59 EDT 2004


I have not run into this before but I am working on a new system.  I have
Python 2.3.4 installed and running basic stuff.  I also have mod_python up
and running but now am trying to use ZSI and mod_python and I am getting the
following error.

ImportError: /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/_xmlplus/parsers/pyexpat.so:
undefined symbol: PyUnicodeUCS2_DecodeUTF8

>From what I can gather when I googled this it sounds like is should only be
a problem if the modules are pre compiled like an RPM?  I have reinstalled
PyXML-0.8.3 (usual setup.py build and install). Are C libraries or something
causing a problem?  Is there away to get around this or do not even have the
foggiest idea of what is going on?

My system is UCS4.  


John Ertl 

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