[Tutor] Very, very new

Michael P. Hopcroft michael at mphpress.com
Thu Jun 10 21:03:20 EDT 2004


    Let me state that my only experience with Python has been as an 
end-user with programs that are programmed in Python. It had never 
ocured to me that i wanted to program in the langauge until now.
    Well, armed with the latest version of Python and a program idea 
that may be too difficult for me to accomplish myself, I was wondering 
if there was a good source that would teach me how to learn the 
language. One local group in the Portland area, free Geek, is already 
teaching me how to build computers. I'd like to be able to build 
programs too.
    Anyone have suggestions on a good textbook for that purpose, 
especially that would teach me how to work with graphical interfaces and 
with databases (the sort of thing you would find in a roleplaying game 
character generator).

    Michael Hopcroft

    P.S. Isn't the popular "PCGen" program written in Python as well? It 
doesn;t seem like what i want to do si unprecedented.

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