[Tutor] Getting started with COM

John Fusco fusco_john at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 12 22:24:20 EDT 2004

I am not a windows programmer, but I am interested in
using Python to script some tasks on my Windows

Reading the Python win32com documentation is not
encouraging.  In one section where it discusses the
specific attributes of COM objects it states "you are
just expected to know".

One thing I'd like to do is use OpenOffice to convert
a document to PDF.  I know how to do this with the
mouse, but how do I script it with COM.

I used the COM browser to look for OpenOffice or
Soffice objects and I found some, but that's all I
know about them.  I checked the OpenOffice.org website
and searched for COM and found nothing.

Is this really so difficult?  How do I get started?

Thanks in advance.


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