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Christian Junker christian at treesforlife.org
Sun Jun 13 03:45:01 EDT 2004

Hello John,

you probably didn't find anything about COM on openoffice.org, because
OpenOffice has it's own component models concept, called UNO. The UNO has an
Automation Bridge that provides the use of WSH, VBScript etc.

OpenOffice also comes along with its own small Python core, small because it
doesn't support a lot of modules and you cannot just install extension
modules, because every module must be known to UNO.

Though you can easily write add-ons with the OOo Python core which would
then be available to others, even if they wouldn't have Python (they would
at least have Python in their OpenOffice).

So you have two options what you could do now:

1.    get to know another component model (the one of OOo called UNO, which
is pretty new, so don't expect it to be as good as COM) and write python
code to make use of it:


2.     or delve into COM by using Python code for doing something in MS Word
or Excel.

"John Fusco" <fusco_john at yahoo.com> wrote in message
news:20040613022421.44284.qmail at web52210.mail.yahoo.com...
> I am not a windows programmer, but I am interested in
> using Python to script some tasks on my Windows
> workstation.
> Reading the Python win32com documentation is not
> encouraging.  In one section where it discusses the
> specific attributes of COM objects it states "you are
> just expected to know".
> One thing I'd like to do is use OpenOffice to convert
> a document to PDF.  I know how to do this with the
> mouse, but how do I script it with COM.
> I used the COM browser to look for OpenOffice or
> Soffice objects and I found some, but that's all I
> know about them.  I checked the OpenOffice.org website
> and searched for COM and found nothing.
> Is this really so difficult?  How do I get started?
> Thanks in advance.
> John
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