[Tutor] Python / Windows Question

John Fusco fusco_john at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 13 10:15:16 EDT 2004

Thanks for all the replies on my COM question.  My
takeaway is to avoid COM if possible, and in the
example I gave it's possible.

So I have a more general question about Python scripts
for Windows.  I would like to write Python scripts
that can manage some point-and-click tasks in Windows.
 Is it reasonable to expect that anything I can point
and click can be scripted by a Python script?

Is there a common framework for this type of scripting
or  is this unique in every case?  I that COM would be
the answer, but maybe I'm missing something.

Here's another example that maybe someone can walk me
through or get me started on.  Suppose I want to write
a Python script to change my display mode.  Is this

Thanks again.


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