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This reply may come off as harsh, but I beleive it is in your best interest to
follow it.

Delete this code and start from scratch.  What you are trying to do can be 
in atleast half the amount of code you have given, and much cleaner.  You 
really be passing parameters and using more generic functions.  This is really
not like anything any python tutorial teachs from what I've seen. Looks like 
are taking bad practices from other languages an dusing it here.

Please, just rewrite the whole thign from scratch. If you take the time to 
it over you should come up with something that works better, in less time, and
far easier to debug.
Whether or not I take your advice, I would like to have something to build 
off of for the new attempt, which means that i will need a semi-functional 
program (the one i'm working on now). So regardless of whether or not i start over, 
i must first finish this attempt.
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