Re: [Tutor] On-line courses.

Magnus Lycka magnus at
Wed Jun 16 19:59:29 EDT 2004

> Thank you Magnus. I have to say that I'm a little surprised this niche has yet 
> to filled. On-line education still seems to be struggling to develop 
> curriculum that can teach more advanced subjects. Oh well, thanks again.

I think there are two "problems" here:

One is that Python isn't so widely used in the commercial sector that
companies frequently decide to send employees on Python training. While
a lot of people (like me) use Python in a commercial environment, this
is often a grass roots effort, rather than a corporate strategy--simply
because there is no big sales force that market Python to management.

Secondly, Python is easy to learn, so people typically don't feel a big
need for formal training. But I agree that formal training might give
you a kick-start which is helpful.

There are plenty of on-line Python tutorials though, and I think the
people on the Tutor mailing list are very helpful in assisting people
who are trying to learn Python. But I think you are right. I'm wondering
what it would take to get an on-line Python-course to work...

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