[Tutor] Is Python a valid business tool?

Chad Crabtree flaxeater at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 23 10:39:26 EDT 2004

--- Hamma Scott <scott_hamma at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I hope this is the area where I could post this. If
> this is off topic please forgive me. I've tried
> authors of articles about Python and user groups
> devoted to Python (Bay Piggies to be exact) and have
> gotten no response. I'm looking for direction.
> I'm currently working in a company whose direction is
> pointed towards Java and Websphere. We used Visual
> Basic in the past and have some applications still
> about. We develop software under a windows environment
> to distributed unders the Windows OS. I have seen some
> smaller in-roads towards .NET and some in-roads
> towards Linux, but nothing that will bring Linux
> company-wide.
This talks about python vb integration pehaps you could use this as a
bridge.  There is also Jython which is a python implementation in
java which can be compiled into java classes and any java class can
be used in jython.  Applets SWING and all the other stuff can by
made/used with jython. Look up www.jython.org.  Perhaps you could use
websphere with jython.  In addition there is Zope which is a very
useful content management system written with python.  I believe that
is what websphere is.  

> My question; Is Python a language that is a good fit
> in this environment or is this something just for me?
> I'm just starting to learn it, but I've been met with
> questions that I cannot answer

Python may be what you need.  If you could use VB before python could
be used.  It's not speedy but often fast enough.  It runs very nicely
accross platforms with little or not modifiction.  The proof of this
is all the production code that is toted as cross platform and they
are just source distributiuons.  

> - I have read that Python can be used like Perl CGI
> pages but I've heard that CGI is a resource pig.
> Right? Wrong? Is there another way to use Python on
> the Web?
Python can be used for CGI.  The reason it's a resource hog is
because an instantiation is made everytime the script is called. 
However this can be mitigated with mod_python which imbeds an
interpreter inside apache.  If you are not using apache then perhaps
this is not a good idea.  
> - How can Python integrate in the above environment?
> Is there a need that it can fill?
> I would appreciate any response...thanks for your time
> on this matter.
> Scott
This post is definatly off topic.  This list is for teaching python. 
However I feel that you needed to learn perhaps this helps.  In short
I feel python is a good platform for producing software.  It has a
plethora of mature development tools and other stuff.  Look more

Check out www.python.org/pypi which is a package index and the vaults
of parasues or something google for python vault.  You will see alot
of stuff.  

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