[Tutor] Is Python a valid business tool?

David Rock david at graniteweb.com
Thu Jun 24 00:20:28 EDT 2004

* Hamma Scott <scott_hamma at yahoo.com> [2004-06-16 15:13]:
> I hope this is the area where I could post this. If
> this is off topic please forgive me. I've tried
> authors of articles about Python and user groups
> devoted to Python (Bay Piggies to be exact) and have
> gotten no response. I'm looking for direction.
> I'm currently working in a company whose direction is
> pointed towards Java and Websphere. We used Visual
> Basic in the past and have some applications still
> about. We develop software under a windows environment
> to distributed unders the Windows OS. I have seen some
> smaller in-roads towards .NET and some in-roads
> towards Linux, but nothing that will bring Linux
> company-wide.
> My question; Is Python a language that is a good fit
> in this environment or is this something just for me?
> I'm just starting to learn it, but I've been met with
> questions that I cannot answer
> - I have read that Python can be used like Perl CGI
> pages but I've heard that CGI is a resource pig.
> Right? Wrong? Is there another way to use Python on
> the Web?

Yes, it can. I guess "resource pig" is a bit subjective. Apache has a
mod_python that can deal with a lot of the overhead of calling the

> - How can Python integrate in the above environment?
> Is there a need that it can fill?

Are you using it for an end-application? Is it something that you would
be concerend about letting other end-users have access to the source of
the app? Python works primarily as a script file that is run by an
interpreter, although there are ways to create executable binary
versions (py2exe, for one). 

About the best place I can think of to get information about Python as a
web tool is to look at Zope. 
Zope's existience is a pretty good argument for Python on the web.
Actually, so is Google, NASA, and ILM 

David Rock
david at graniteweb.com
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