[Tutor] Is Python a valid business tool?

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Jun 24 03:10:11 EDT 2004

> I hope this is the area where I could post this. If
> this is off topic please forgive me. 

Somewhat off topic but we'll forgive you!

> authors of articles about Python and user groups
> devoted to Python (Bay Piggies to be exact) and have
> gotten no response. I'm looking for direction.

Have you tried the web site? There is a section about 
Python usage in "the real world"


> We develop software under a windows environment
> to distributed unders the Windows OS. 

That can be done. If you want to distribute .exes you 
need to use third party tools (such as py2exe) to 
create the .exe bundle, but its possible.

> smaller in-roads towards .NET 

There is a project underway to create a Python.NET, 
dunno how far its gotten. Search sourceforge I guess.

> - I have read that Python can be used like Perl CGI
> pages but I've heard that CGI is a resource pig.

CGI is a resource hog compared to some other technologies 
but for low volume use it is extremely portable and 
"good enough" in many cases. But there are several 
other options in Python too. Zope is the serious 
commercial level web development using Python, there 
are several books on Zope and extensive material on 
their web site, but it is a complete web development 
environment complete with object database, ORB etc 
- rather like WebSphere itself.

Lower cost(in effort terms - zope is free in cash terms) 
options include mod-cgi which reduces the resource hogging 
aspect of CGI considerably, and improves the speed.

> - How can Python integrate in the above environment?
> Is there a need that it can fill?

Python works well in Windows, you can access MFC, COM 
or WSH and even the raw Win32 API. .NET support is 
coming but probably not ready for srious use just yet.

Python is a valid alternative to VBScript and VB. 
There are a few areas where the raw power of C# or C++ 
might be needed but Python can probably do 80% of what 
you need.


Alan G
Author of the Learn to Program web tutor

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