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Thankyou chad. I replied to this yesterday but it has yet to appear on the

Thanks for your help.

There is definitely something wrong with the list at the moment.

Its now 2330 in the UK, Ill see what time this gets to the list.


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> class beer:
>     def __init__(self):
>        self.make = 'murphys'
>        cans = 4
> There's several examples I've seen where 'self.var' isn't used,
> just
> 'var' is, as in 'cans' above.
> I know that each instance of 'beer' will have its own value for
> 'make'
> but what is the use of 'cans' without using self ?
this troubled me at first and I'm not sure but I may have asked this
very question here.

self.var in this case means that it's a class variable available to
the instance.  In this case 'cans' is a function variable only
available to things inside that function.  just like this


def dosomething():
  print x
print x

>>print x

I hope this helps.

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