[Tutor] Re: ideas

Andrei project5 at redrival.net
Mon Jun 28 05:03:38 EDT 2004

john and angie <angjohn <at> rap.midco.net> writes:

> i am extremly new to Python and need some ideas on 
> project that will help me learn.
> any help is appreciated.
> i have read every tutorial i can get my hands on 
> and need some ways to put it to use.

This depends a lot on what your interests and/or needs are. Do you like/need
games, maths, web stuff, educational tools, text processing, system tools, image
processing, database  tools, something else? 

I have an example where you could combine a couple or most of the categories
above and do so at a very simple level or a very advanced level: a quiz/quiz
generation tool. Pick the favourite subject that you know most about and devise
a way to store questions about that subject (can be in plain text files or in
some DB) and a way to present those questions to a student or for a teacher to
select a number of those questions and print them for a test on paper. You can
go for multiple-choice questions, or for ones where some variables can be varied
(especially useful for math/sciences) in a manual or automated way, whereby your
tool computes the new answer. You could combine this with some web tool (online
testing), with pygame (show animations of a physics problem), with a PDF
generator (printing), with wxPython/Tkinter (electronic tests), database (store
questions in categories, assign points, time-to-solve and difficulty level and
allow the teacher to auto-generate complete tests based on certain criteria).



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