[Tutor] why are these two uses different?

Stanfield, Vicki {D167~Indianapolis} vicki.stanfield at ROCHE.COM
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I had tried '1D'. Now I have tried to input [1D], ['1D'] but both
generate the 

ValueError: list.index(x): x not in list

when I hit the
'fcommand=self.Dict.keys()[self.Dict.values().index(hexval)]' line. It
doesn't seem to matter how I enter the data into the wxTextEntryDialog,
it doesn't match. Given the following dictionary excerpt:


What needs to be entered into the wxTextEntryDialog to make it match
this dictionary?


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> Each command triggers a whole sequence of serial writes and reads. 
> This works fine. Now I want to create a section which allows me to do 
> them individually.

I guess here is where the problem lies. I'm guessing that
you have a loop somewhere in your code, where you loop
over something like ['1d', 'ff', 'c2'] in the working case. 
Now, you loop over '1d' instead, and that's just the same 
as looping over ['1', 'd']. Make sure to feed your loop with 
a list or tuple instead, and I think it will work. ['1d'] or 
('1d',) should work, but notice that ('1d') is *not* a tuple, 
just a string in parenthesis.


>>> x = '1d'
>>> for i in x: print i

>>> for i in (x): print i

>>> for i in (x,): print i

>>> for i in [x]: print i


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