[Tutor] Question on installing Tcl/Tk

Henry Steigerwaldt hsteiger at comcast.net
Thu Mar 4 23:44:38 EST 2004

To All:

Quite some time ago, I installed Tcl/Tk 8.0 for windows without
a problem. It installed pretty much by itself with little or no
interaction on my part. I think I executed a file and it did the

Several days ago, I downloaded the following two files to 
install Tcl/Tk 8.45:


After I unzipped the files, I did not find anything obvious to 
select and execute to install either of these programs. 

So, what are the procedures (or location on the Web 
for installation instructions) to install these programs? 

I must have missed something on the Tcl Developer Xchange
Web site where if I remember correctly I downloaded the
files from. By the way, I see now there is an 8.46 version. 

Thanks for any response. 

Henry Steigerwaldt
Hermitage, TN

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