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Tim Johnson tim at johnsons-web.com
Mon Mar 15 19:39:33 EST 2004

* Christopher Spears <cspears2002 at yahoo.com> [040315 15:22]:
> Several times I have iterated over a sequence with
> some code that looks like this:
  I'm going to put in my two cents worth because
  I've thus far taken a very simplistic approach
  to iteration myself:

> for f in range(len(files)):
  Suppose one had several sequences that were of the
  same length. Then with the approach above, one
  could use <f> to access each of them.

  However, I believe that there are more 'elegant'
  and 'pythonesque' ways of iterating over multiple
  sequences, so I'm looking forward to more comments.

> and fellow hackers have told me I can just use:
> for f in seq:
  I love this approach .... like to see this in
  other languages!

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