[Tutor] basic question about help()

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Mar 17 15:04:37 EST 2004

> Also, I have a quick question about the list practices. Is it the 
> general practice of this list to cc all those in a thread? I've 
> not noticed that in any other list before, but I'm happy to play 
> by the local norms (and respect the sig files I've noticed which 
> specifically request not to be cc'ed). Thanks,

Hmm, I know a few folks ask for no CC but I admit I usually prefer 
it because I get the digest. If there is no CC I don't see replies 
till the next digest arrives, whereas with a CC I get replies 
immediately. Thus I can respond faster to those threads with 
which I'm involved and read the others at leisure.

So I tend to hit Reply All (sorry Karl) as a habit unless I 
specifically remember that someone has asked me not to.

Alan G

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