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i downloaded the python 2.3 installer and did a quick install. Icons are all over my desktop but I can get to all programs I need. I took a quick look at IDLE 1.0 (guess they have not updated this program) I also opened python command? It was black and white which brings me to my first question.
Q. On my first night trying to learn Python 2.3, I noticed when I click on the program it opens a window that lookes like DOS, is this because Python for Windows is based on python for DOS?(Read that in the instalation)
Q. Can python change the input or raw_input window to the size of a message box with color? (pixels, percent ect.)
Q. I had a hard time figuring out how to do the password.py in the tutorial Josh Cogliati made.
it took me hours trying to use the command line and IDLE and reading error after error to notice the text files that came with 2.3 then i typed the program in Notepad and opened it with IDLE (now i find you can just open new window!)  Is Notepad suitable for programming on Windows XP? I use the internest on a Windows ME.
Q. Can I attach files, example code, print out of errors incountered?
Q. Since indentation is very important where can i go to find the rules in a way a non-programmer can understand(high school level)

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