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Jeff Peery jeffpeery at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 16 17:23:20 EST 2004

is there a general clear everything function - other than "del" which I think only works one variable at a time? I've used matlab and there is a function "clear" that I like to call at the beginning of my scripts.  My problem is that sometimes in python I make changes to my script and I run it and the changes don't appear, python runs the old version.  I'm saving all my scripts before I run them, but I still don't see python using my latest save. I thought that if there was a way to clear the variable list that that would solve my problem. Sometimes I have to close python IDLE and reopen it to get it to run my last save. 
I also noticed that python might be running off the *.pyc document and not the script itself, is there a way to prevent the *.pyc from being created? 

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