[Tutor] Another parsing question

Vicki Stanfield vicki at stanfield.net
Tue Mar 16 13:51:26 EST 2004

> Vicki,
>> I have inherited a project which writes some data to a file
>> in hexadecimal format as 0x11, 0x4, etc. The hex values are
>> pipe-delimited as so: 0x11|0x4|0x14
> Don't take this the wrong way, but it seems you really need to go
> back to basics on how information is stored and represented in
> computer systems. Most of your questions seem to be based on
> confusion between strings and binary formats.

I agree that I am missing a piece of the puzzle. I understand that they
represent the same thing, but I get caught up in trying to use them
appropriately. I knew that I was sending a string, but I didn't know how
to get back to the numeric value. I see the int command does what I want.



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