[Tutor] Discrepancy

Karl Pflästerer sigurd at 12move.de
Mon Mar 22 10:36:38 EST 2004

An unnamed person wrote:

> what is the problem

>> x =1
>>x   is   1
> 1

That may or may not be true.

>> (1 is 1)
> 1

That may or may not be true.

>>x is (1 is 1)
> 0

You mix booleans and numbers.  Furthermore you don't seem to fully
understand what `is' is for.

If you're not sure which type of equality you're interested in, use `=='
`is' tests for identity not only equality.  The best is you should read
in the Python reference about `is'.  There was also in clp a long
discussion about `is' and `=='.

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