[Tutor] file.write() blocking

John Purser johnp at HomeLumber.com
Thu Mar 25 10:34:22 EST 2004

Well thanks for ruining my morning!

I thought adding the '+' to a 'w' mode wouldn't truncate the file if it already existed.  I was quite spectacularly wrong! You have to use 'r+' if you want to open an existing file and write to it without wiping out the original contents.  Which is exactly what the python documentation says it will do.  Damned tricky of them!  There's also an 'a' mode for appending but apparently it's effects can vary with the operating system.

John Purser 

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John Purser wrote:

>I haven't played with the code but at a guess I'd say you were creating a new file every time you run this code.  I think you want to change that "w" mode to "w+"
What's the exact difference between w and w+?

>I've never tried to write a zero length string to a file and that could also be an issue.
>What platform and verison of Python are you using?
>John Purser
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>    def save_entry(self, text, filename):
>        debug_log("Reached 1")
>        debug_log(DOCUMENT_ROOT + "entries/" + filename)
>        output_file = file(DOCUMENT_ROOT + "entries/" + filename, "w")
>        debug_log("Reached 2")
>        #debug_log(text)
>        file.write("")
>        debug_log("Reached 2.5")
>        file.write(text)
>        debug_log("Reached 3")
>        file.close()
>        debug_log("Reached 4")
>When I get to this point in my code, it prints, "Reached 2" and hangs on 
>file.write(""). The output directory has a zero-byte file created. When 
>I try analogous test code from Python interactively, it works; does 
>anyone see the glitch in this? (The text is a small webpage.)

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