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Karl Pflästerer sigurd at 12move.de
Tue Mar 30 14:51:47 EST 2004

On 30 Mar 2004, Nick Lunt <- nick at javacat.f2s.com wrote:

> I run linux and have a bucket load of python scripts that I regularly
> amend and it's starting to get annoying, ie

> vi testfile.py
> ./testfile.py
> cp testfile.py testfile2.py
> vi testfile2.py
> ./testfile2.py
> cp testfile2.py testfile3.py
> vi testfile3.py
> etc

> I keep copying so I don't destroy something that works.

The easiest way would be to tell VO to make numbered copies of each file
you open (with (X)Emacs no problem, it should also work with Vi; if not
that's the right time to change your editor :-) )

> Now my question is, do you folks use any sort of revision control system
> on linux ? I've had a look at CVS and RCS but both seem a bit over the
> top for my needs.

But CVS is for local use very simple.  It has a extremly good manual
which explains how to start from scratch.

If you have created your local cvs repository you only have to checkin
the files (no need to tell that the right editor can be a great help
there).  I use it not only for programm files but also for all sort of
ini files.  If you somehow manage to delete the wrong ini file you
praise the inventor of CVS.

Also if you are interested in open source software sooner or later you
will need CVS or its successsor subversion (I didn't try it yet, but it
seems that subversion will replace CVS).  So start getting familiar with
something like that.

> Can anyone recommend a simpler solution please ?

Did you try out CVS locally?  It's as simple as it can be.

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