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Magnus Lyckå magnus at thinkware.se
Sat May 1 12:31:55 EDT 2004

At 18:00 2004-05-01 +0200, Marina _ wrote:
>I need to write a program, that delete white spaces, comments, tabs etc. I 
>used module re.compile(text, re.X). The problem is: the result is not a 
>string, but an sre object, so I can't print it. Does anyone knows how can 
>it be done? I have python2.3, Suse Linux 9.0

I'm not sure what you did, because re substitute functions
return strings. Deletion is the same as replacing with "",

 >>> import re
 >>> x = re.sub("s", "z", "see his snowy sidewalk")
 >>> type(x)
<type 'str'>
 >>> print x
zee hiz znowy zidewalk

Anyway, you can certainly extract text from regular
expression objects, but I don't see why you want that.

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