[Tutor] Re: What is a fun basic game project.

Jorge Godoy godoy at ieee.org
Fri May 7 12:25:22 EDT 2004

On Sex 07 Mai 2004 12:08, Andy Joslin wrote:

> Add the "Towers of Hanoi"  puzzle/game to the list.  It is the one with
> 3 pegs and a few disks of various sizes that start stacked biggest to
> smallest on one peg...  The goal is to move the whole stack from one peg
> to another, only moving one at a time and never putting a large disk on
> top of a smaller disk.  Try to figure out the algorithm to solve it
> automatically.  You can build the engine to use a text display, or try
> to use a gui.
> This is one that many CompSci students have to do in the first year...

I have one school project to write -- as if I didn't have to write clients
programs... -- for a project management class (I am graduating in August --
I hope -- in Electrical Engineering, in the telecommunications area) and it
was requested that we did one simple thing: write a program that divides a
squared area in four equal parts, allowing the user to draw one of the
divisions and replicating it to other.

There are infinite solutions for this problem and it might go from too
simple to too complex. Since I don't know if I'll have time to write it
myself or we'll have to hire someone -- it is allowed, since we're having
engineering stuff and not software programming classes -- to do it, I would
really like to see some solutions for this on Python :-)

There are a few constraints that you might come up while solving the
problem, depending on how you approached it. For instance, if you divide
the squared area into four smaller squares, you can't allow the user to
make two lines join and create a fifth visible area. It prevents the user
from drawing a line/curve/whatever from the lower left point to the upper
right point.

Got the idea? ;-)

Oh! It has to be used with the mouse, for keeping end user's sane and
interested on it. I think this might become something that will be donated
to schools and/or to entertain children.

Be seeing you,
Godoy.      <godoy at ieee.org>

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