[Tutor] tutorial for dbapi 2.0 how to use data

Roeland Rengelink roeland.rengelink at chello.nl
Sat May 15 06:13:14 EDT 2004

John Fabiani wrote:

> Hi,
> mycur=con.cursor()
> mycur.execute("select * from sosord")
> mydata=mycur.fetchmany(10)
> The above works and returns data.  But know I need to understand how 
> to view the data.  Maybe there is a way to convert the returned list 
> into a dictionary.  A dictionary would allow me to get information by 
> key (the field name).  Anyway, is there some paper or tutorial I can 
> read on how to view the return data?

The returned items of the list mydata already behave as a dictionary (in 
pyPgSQL). I.e:

 >>> item = mydata[0]    # get the first row from the resultset
 >>> item.keys()         # show the column names
['a', 'b']
 >>> item.values()       # show the data in the row
0, 123.5
 >>> item['a']           # access as dictionary

Incidently, the returned object also worksa a  list of values:
 >>> for val item:
...    print val
 >>> print item[1]

Finally, you can access the values as attributes, e.g.:
 >>> item.a
 >>> item.b

If you want to turn it into a real dictionary, this should work:

 >>> d = dict(zip(item.keys(), item.values())

Hope this helps,


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