[Tutor] Text numerals?

Glen Wheeler gew75 at hotmail.com
Sat May 15 22:25:09 EDT 2004

> Is there a function that will return 'one' for 1, 'two' for two, etc.?

  I assume you mean 'two' for 2 ;).  But no, AFAIK there is no stdlib

  This question, although a different isomorphism, was asked recently.

  The way I code such things is to use a dictionary.

  Consider these statements:

# int y
x = 'stringresult'
if y == 1:
    x = 'one'
elif y == 2:
    x = 'two'

  Consider that if you have a dictionary with key:value pairs similar to
that data above, you have a half-solution ready to go.

  The problem of converting full-blown numbers of any length into letters is
much harder.  Some years ago I remember this being coded in python; if the
author has a website, then Google is probably your best bet.

  But make sure you need that kind of complexity; better to have a solution
you understand than one which is too powerful that you don't.  It helps when
things go wrong ;).


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