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Glen Wheeler gew75 at hotmail.com
Fri May 21 22:35:39 EDT 2004


  I'm not sure about your question.  There is an interactive text widget in
TKinter.  This allows navigation with the arrow keys (IIRC) which is what
you're asking?
  After a quick look at some docs, the following page seems helpful:


  The builtin text widget is quite powerful.


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Could anyone help me if there is a text editor module out in space,
which allows stepping to one line from another of a paragraph? Is has
one linebreak, so it's actually a line, but users cannot be bothered with
this. Maybe the text widget of TKinter can be hacked? I have been
playing with some binding modifications and stuff like this for days, but
solutions are too slow or likely pixel/monitor dependent. Do I really
have to go into C too? Tell me something if you can.



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