[Tutor] some questions about dcom server, SOAP WSDL and Internet Explorer

Luiz Siqueira cybersamurai at terra.com.br
Sun May 23 23:55:10 EDT 2004

I have some questions:

1 Some one have information about some implementation of dcom server for 

2 Some one know a easy way to build WSDL for a Python SOAPpy server?

3 I need take control of Internet Explorer  on  Windows  95 or  hight:

    A - Have some way to send HTML, XML direct to IE trough COM or some 
like that?
    B - Have some easy way to send messages from javascript inside of IE 
for a python application using HTTP or some like that?
    C - Some one know some small HTTP server implementation in Python?
For me HTTP server look like a possible solution, but need to be little 
for be possible make a little and easy installation for end users.

sorry about my english

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