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Don Arnold darnold02 at sprynet.com
Tue May 25 22:12:15 EDT 2004

A datetime.date object can be set to a given date by passing in the year,
month, and day as parameters when you create it. So, you could do something
like this:

import datetime

usrDate= raw_input("Enter the date (yyyy/mm/dd format): ")
T = int(raw_input("Enter how many days: "))
offset = datetime.timedelta(days=T)

yyyy = int(usrDate[0:4])
mm = int(usrDate[5:7])
dd = int(usrDate[8:])

usrDateObj = datetime.date(year=yyyy,month=mm,day=dd)
print '%s + %d days = %s' % (usrDateObj, T, usrDateObj + offset)

[-----begin script run-----]

Enter the date (yyyy/mm/dd format): 2004/01/01
Enter how many days: 59
2004-01-01 + 59 days = 2004-02-29

[-----end script run-----]


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I'm trying to add dates together using datetime module.
I want usr's to enter a date and add a number of days to it.
import datetime
usrDate= input("Enter the date:")
T= input("Enter how many days:")
print datetime.date.today() + datetime.timedelta(days=T)
 Obviosly the 'datetime.date.today()' only works for today's date What I
what is this:
Psuedo code: usrDate + datetime.timedelta(days=T)
Am I using the right module? Syntax? Arguments?

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