[Tutor] IDLE problems, recommend a good IDE ?

Tim Johnson tim at johnsons-web.com
Wed May 26 11:48:32 EDT 2004

* Dave S <pythontut at pusspaws.net> [040525 01:56]:
> Ive been learning on IDLE, which has been great but I have had 
> occasional stability problems, which are a bit
> disconcerting. It just locked up X on my gentoo system :-(  Anyhow Im 
> back now -
  Hi Dave: Before you 'switch', are you absolutley certain that
  there aren't system problems causing your IDLE problems?

  I use gvim (graphical Vi Much Improved) and vim extensively for
  python programming. There are extensive python plugins for
  vim that make it a very nice IDE. 

  You can in fact, compile the python interpreter directly into vim so
  that you can modify or 'drive' your 'python IDE' using python code.

  There there is GNU Emacs and Xemacs. Unlike vim, these are modeless
  editors with complex key mappings and are 'driven' by LISP. So
  some level of LISP skill would help.

  Both lineages have both rabid fans and those who hate'm. I like
  them both and couldn't do without them as a programmer.


> Thanks to alt-sysreq-r I didn't have to re-boot.
> Can anybody recomend a good python IDE, Something functional without too 
> many gizmos !
  P.S. : 
  From your statement above, you want something simple? Simple is
  easy to learn are hard to make really productive IMHO.
> Im running Gentoo 1.4 though I am happy to compile from source if needbe.
> Dave
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