[Tutor] gui tks and encodings

Mirror Three dr_mirror at freemail.hu
Fri May 28 20:14:06 EDT 2004

hi there,

so i am finally out of the tunnel, meant rewriting the gui of my first app 
in python from tkinter to wxpython.. thanks for the hands you gave on 
my problem with textcontrols, i started to look after scintilla, and then 
through some links i took a longer look at this wxwidgets stuff. i can 
say now that it is better than tkinter, i did not even need scintilla.. i like 
tkinter, because it is unique, and implements cross-platformity not like 
deciding what to rely on, but like shi**ing on standards. but being 
the 'official' gui toolkit of python, i think it should manage to solve some 
basic problems, like navigation on wrapped text.. (not mentioning you 
cannot move the insertion cursor from program.. or am i wrong?)

something else. i installed the unicode version of wxpython on my 
windows me, because i felt small when the download page reminded 
me i am not a native english speaker. :) somebody mentioned on some 
page, that it needs some hackjob on windows excluding 9x or so, but i 
have not spotted any problems yet. but could anyone tell me if i really 
need this? i only know about unicode that it deals with multibyte 
characters, and that is not much of my taste. my app shows now a little 
chaos with this charset and encoding stuff, i have just finished to 
rewrite a mail header decoder directly for pop3. it decodes using the 
iso-8859-2 charset, because that is what i need. the result is normal 
string wich i put in a listctrl and it works without mentioning unicode in 
that part of the program. but on the other hand a listbox suffered from 
getting some hungarian style characters in its item labels, and works 
with u'...'. have any experience?



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