[Tutor] Peaks detection

Marco gaedol at softhome.net
Sun May 30 06:58:26 EDT 2004

Hey all, 
i am tryin to write in python a peak detection algorithm to use on spectra taken from a data analyser in a lab.
The spectrum comes in a text file with 2 columns, one with the channel number and the other one with number of counts for that channel.
Making the calibration to the energy is not a problem, except for the fact that the algorithm _should_ recognize the peaks of the spectrum (those that have a fair gaussian form) and notate the centroid of the gaussian.

The problem is: i can't find an algorithm except for a labview "procedure" on the net.
Once found the "how" implementing it in python shouldn't be that hard :)

so the question is:
Anyone has a source for an algorithm of that kind? Any suggestion?

thank you all, 


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