[Tutor] Eek, help!

Liam Clarke cyresse at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 14:25:38 CET 2004

Hi all, 

I have belatedly come to use dictionaries, and I was having some
trouble with how to read/write them from a file,  so I looked at Alan
Gauld's section on it. I've pretty much copied his code straight
through, and, well, I've broken it somehow. In fact, it's hanging
Python, and it even hangs the debugger, which is a first, I must

The errant code as follows is - 

filename = './dat/hshmd5.tbl'

store = file(filename,'w')

for name, entry in h.items():
    store.write(name + '\n')
    store.write(entry + '\n')


print 'Wrote hash'


store2 = file(filename,'r')

while store2:
    name = store2.readline().strip()
    entry = store2.readline().strip()
    book[name] = entry

It writes OK, it gets up to anyKey bit and... stops. Anything jump out
at anyone? I am confused.

Thanking you in advance,

Liam Clarke
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