[Fwd: Re: [Tutor] searching for data in one file from another]

Rich Krauter rmkrauter at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 6 06:52:22 CET 2004

Kent Johnson wrote:
> When you read f2 with readlines, the newlines are included in the lines. 
> So you will never get a match with the exon from f1. Also since you are 
> apparently doing many tests for membership in list, a set would probably 
> be faster. I suggest you try something like this to create 'list':
> from sets import Set
> list = Set()
> for line in open(exons_to_delete):
>   list.add(line.strip())
> The rest of the program stays the same, including the test 'if exon in 
> list'
> You might want to use a different name for 'list' though.


Thanks very much for the reply. Right on the money and within a few 
minutes, as usual. I'm starting to think you're an automated help 
system. The OP should find these suggestions helpful for cleaning up his 


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