[Tutor] CGI problem.

Kent Johnson kent_johnson at skillsoft.com
Tue Nov 9 00:49:28 CET 2004

At 09:40 PM 11/8/2004 +0200, Mark Kels wrote:
>I'm sorry about the last post, I was cmparing 124 and 123.
>here is what I get when I do it right (124 and 124):
>\xc8\xff\xe9\xa5\x87\xb1&\xf1R\xed=\x89\xa1F\xb4E      (filepass)
>'\xc8\xff\xe9\xa5\x87\xb1&\xf1R\xed=\x89\xa1F\xb4E'      (repr(userpass))
>Now its easy to just take off the ' chars from the string, and I hope
>it will work...

I just noticed the md5 function hexdigest(). If you use this instead of 
digest() you will get a nice clean hex string right at the start and 
dispense with all this \x and repr() stuff.


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