[Tutor] demon / app I/F better way ?

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Sun Nov 14 17:07:18 CET 2004

Dave S wrote:
> Running the demon as a seperate thread is a good idea, I had not thought 
> of that, I was going to 'demon.py &' it - which must be pretty inefficient.
> Queueing the data, like a FIFO buffer, that negates the need for  
> /data/data_flag, if its read, its gone - thats elegent -  I like that 
> :-) . I could write a script that implements a FIFO function - or maybe 
> I will find one in the vaults.

See the Queue module in the standard library

> As to using a socket, I have only encounterd passing references to them 
> mainly when tweeking the linux kernel , Can you point me in the 
> direction of how you can use them in Python ... ?

See the socket module to start, or the socket programming HOW-TO: 

There are others on this list with more experience than me with socket 
programming, I hope they will chime in here...personally I like threads :-)


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