[Tutor] demon / app I/F better way ?

Dave S pythontut at pusspaws.net
Sun Nov 14 19:31:55 CET 2004

Thank you all so much,

Ive got a ton of options and its made me think a lot more about the data 
rates vs reliabilty vs simplicity. File locking was something I had not 
even considerd as a problem.

Co-incidently my demon app dumps all its data to an archive file, time 
and date stamped, so as you suggested Alan I could simply use that. (I 
like that idea :-) )

The data rate being a few KBs at exact syncronised 5 mins intervals, the 
timing of the data readings being paramount otherwise syncronisation 
with server data updates is lost. Processing is a whole other ballgame.

Kents suggestion is an interesting one, and being still a relative 
Python newbe, It got me thinking as well.

Phew, well better fire up eric & start codeing

Cheers Guys

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