[Tutor] Dictionary command

Naveed Ahmed Khan naveed48 at wol.net.pk
Wed Nov 17 07:07:26 CET 2004

Dear friends,


Thanks a lot for your help my problem is solved. Though I am afraid to tell
you of my real blunder. I mean you must understand that it's my first time
with programming.


I was trying to achieve the following:


>>> dict = {}
>>> dict['boolean'] = "A value which is either true or false"
>>> dict['integer'] = "A whole number"
>>> print dict['boolean']
A value which is either true or false



What I was doing was that I was writing dict = () instead of dict = {}, got
it, I was using the wrong bracket.


It's really embarrassing, but true.


For the next time I will try to figure out how to copy the "Python command
line screen" so that you can see exactly what I have done there.


Thanks a lot again.





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